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Glu acquires GameSpy for much less than IGN paid for it


San Francisco – Glu Mobile, a San Francisco-based developer and publisher of freemium games for smartphone and tablet devices, said on Thursday it has acquired San Francisco-based GameSpy Technology from News Corp.’s IGN Entertainment.

Glu paid about $2.7 million in stock, an amount offset by GameSpy’s cash and receivables and a fraction of the roughly $57 million IGN Entertainment paid for it in 2004.

GameSpy provides technologies and services for multiplayer and server-based gaming across a wide array of platforms. Its services power online features such as multiplayer matchmaking, player statistics, individual player profiles, in-game buddy lists, leaderboards and storage of game media, including screenshots, gameplay videos and playable content.

“Our acquisition of GameSpy brings Glu industry-recognized leadership in online, cross-platform technology infrastructure,” said Niccolo de Masi, the CEO of Glu.

This article was also published in Bay Area Tech Wire.

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