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MoPix enables DVD-style digital packages for indie movies

Photo via r.nial bradshaw on Flickr under the Creative Commons License

Digital film distribution startup MoPix today announced its MoPix platform, which is designed to enable independent filmmakers to create, distribute and sell their movies. It adds DVD-style extras and removes the middlement, the company said, in a turnkey product.

The platform currently offers sales through MoPix Library, iTunes App Store, Google Play or on Web sites via widgets. Android, connected TV and other avenues are in the works.

MoPix also announced it is now the digital distribution engine for Film Baby, a division of CD Baby, and soon will add that community’s more than 2,000 films to those already available in the MoPix Library.

All genres are welcome, as shown by a quick sampling of available titles: Queen of the Sun, a documentary about bees; Silver Goat, a psychological drama; Purgatory Inc., a horror thriller; Skogg System Kettlebell Workouts, educational; and branded children’s movies from the Build-a-Bear Workshop.

Filmmakers can upload a video along with extras like “behind the scenes” footage, scripts and other PDF documents, and photo galleries. It also supports interaction between the film property and fans, keeping that relationship in the control of the creators.

MoPix returns about 70 percent of the revenue to the filmmakers, considerably better than the 10-30 percent delivered by more mainstream avenues.

“Digital downloads, embeddable widgets and apps provide a significantly more dynamic, personal experience to movie watchers versus a packaged DVD or download,” said Ryan Stoner, CEO of MoPix. “It’s exciting to think about how smaller filmmakers can be among the first to utilize dynamic digital offerings in their marketing and video distribution strategy.”

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