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Ask Ziggy closes $5m for hands-free mobile search

Photo via r.nial bradshaw on Flickr under the Creative Commons License

Ask Ziggy today announced it closed a $5 million round of funding and expanded its list of strategic partners. Destined to be described as like Apple’s Siri, Ask Ziggy is a mobile search engine that understands natural speech.

Among the strategic partners is voice recognition firm Nuance Communications, best known for its Dragon line of transcription software products, and Kopin Corp., home of the Golden-i wireless and hands-free computing headsets. The source of the investment was not disclosed.

The company said it will use the investment to deliver mobile apps for nearly all Android and Apple mobile devices, in addition to the Windows platform ones it already supports, by Q3 2012. Ask Ziggy CEO Shai Leib said he intends to have multi-language, accent independent, natural speech personal assistant apps running on all devices, including cellular handsets, tablets and computing headsets.

Ask Ziggy also separately announced that its Software Development Kit (SDK) will be available shortly.

“Ask Ziggy’s Natural Speech search engine empowers and expands the user experience and convenience for all mobile devices, not merely cell phones, Leib said. “Speaking directly into a device and getting a voice reply, with zero typing required, is here at last.”

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