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Canada's Public Mobile includes music in unlimited bundle


Toronto-based phone provider Public Mobile is launching Siren Music, a subscription mobile music service that the company said is the first in Canada to eliminate limits. Siren Music is set to go live on Thursday

Alek Krstajic, CEO of Public Mobile, said existing music services put restrictions on the number of songs, the number of albums, or the amount of data that can be used.

Siren Music will be preloaded on future Public Mobile Android smartphones, and existing customers can download it from Google Play. Music can be stored on a device’s SD memory card, freeing up internal memory, and playback is instant even when in a tunnel or elsewhere without a connection.

The new service is built and powered by Livewire Mobile, a U.S.-based white label provider of mobile entertainment services and end-to-end managed solutions for network operators, consumer device manufacturers, media companies and content providers.

“Siren music lets you download all the songs you want and listen to them on your Android smartphone, anywhere, anytime,” Krstajic said. “It is a truly mobile service that allows you to download music on the go with no computers, no syncing and no extra devices required.”

Siren Music plans are available on all Public Mobile Android smartphones and include unlimited talk, text, 3G data, Siren Music and other features at an introductory monthly price of C$40 and C$47.

“Digital music is one of the most in-demand services on all new devices and Public Mobile was quick to recognize the opportunity of bundling it in with rate plans to attract new customers,” said Matthew Stecker, CEO of Livewire Mobile. “This product has the full and enthusiastic backing of the biggest music labels, as it makes their products easily available through Siren.”

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