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Google Play gift cards available any day now


Prepaid cards for the Google Play store will be available at Radio Shack, Target and GameStop in the very near future. They will come in $10, $15, $25 and $50 increments, and initially be available only in the United States, according to the Google Play Gift Cards page that appeared today.

Play offers music, TV shows, movies, ebooks, games and apps, and the gift cards can be applied to any of these digital products but not to subscriptions, accessories or anything else.

Consumers will manage their use through Google Wallet, but gift card balances will be kept separate from anything else in the Google Wallet account and can be used only on Google Play. It won’t be possible to transfer funds in or out of the cards, and the cards won’t be reloadable. The only other main restriction is that card balances are included in the $2,000 maximum for Google Play accounts, which would be a nice problem to have.

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