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Just $1 unlocks celebrity comedy clips and saves lives [with trailer]


CollegeHumor.com is making it possible to save lives simply by watching funny video clips starring Ed Helms, Ellie Kemper, Brooklyn Decker, Gilbert Gottfried, Penn & Teller, Rainn Wilson, Aubrey Plaza and many additional talented people (as seen in the trailer, below).

The initiative is called Malarious, and it is a partnership with the charitable organization Malaria No More, which strives to stop children dying from the mosquito-borne illness. Viewers can unlock the 24 original comedy clips by making a donation of just a dollar, although more than that is welcome.

CollegeHumor Media, an operating business of IAC, said Malarious was the first time it had produced a series of original pay-to-view content for charity.

Sam Reich, president of Original Content at CollegeHumor Media, observed, “Malaria No More has been a great partner, and it’s moving to see so many stars come out to do crazy things for this cause. On one hand, this is a very modern experiment, but on the other, it has the nostalgic feel of a high school talent show.”

Dr. David Bowen, CEO of Malaria No More, said the one-to-one connection with donors was part of the project’s appeal. “With ease and a little pocket change, viewers can watch their favorite celebrities and save a life in the matter of one minute,” he added. “It doesn’t get much better than that.”

Malaria No More was founded in 2006 by Ray Chambers, United Nations’ Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Malaria, and Peter Chernin, the media and technology leader most recently known for being president and chief operating officer of News Corporation.

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