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Facebook friends can now send real-world presents

Photo via r.nial bradshaw on Flickr under the Creative Commons License

Facebook has added physical goods to its less tangible features with today’s launch of Facebook Gifts, the company’s first ecommerce initiative and an entirely new revenue stream.

The social media juggernaut tried out virtual gift-giving once before, but these are actual real-world items that people can send to Facebook friends. They have a larger profit margin than virtual goods, too.

Among the products already on offer are Starbucks gift cards, cupcakes, stuffed animals, gourmet ice cream and flowers, with many more promised to be added soon. The ecommerce functionality is likely the result of Facebook acquiring mobile gift-giving startup Karma in May.

Where appropriate, recipients can make their own choices regarding things like color, size or flavor. They also can opt to swap it for something else entirely, making it possible to exchange a gift before even receiving it.

Facebook is offering the “Gift” option on birthday reminders and when visiting a friend’s timeline. It also is offering corporate gifting services for companies who want to send a gift to multiple people.

Recipients immediately receive a notice enabling them to “unwrap” a preview of the gift before it gets sent out, and they then enter the address they want it delivered to.

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  1. Facebook’s purchase of Karma has really changed its future. Sending real gifts using social network as a platform is actually promising. Been using similar apps like Wrapp and Jifiti before and I believe that they make gifting really easy considering that buying gifts can cost you time, gas, money, etc. Imagine the savings you’ll have with this new web and mobile apps without undermining the old school gifting process.