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Apple CEO Cook: "extremely sorry" for iOS Maps


Apple Maps has joined the ranks of Apple’s Cube computer, Pippin game console, and the iTunes social network Ping by being a public failure. Today Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged that fact, and did his best to minimize the damage by adopting the well-known mitigation technique of owning the problem.

Cook issued a public letter (full text below) admitted that Maps were simply not ready for use.

He laid out what Apple’s ambitious plans are for Maps, saying that the company wanted to start from scratch to create turn-by-turn directions, voice integration, vector-based maps and other features already available in navigation products from other companies.

In the meantime, however, Cook recommended iPhone users opt to download one of those other companies’ map apps, specifically suggesting consumers consider what’s on offer from Microsoft’s Bing, MapQuest, Waze, Google and Nokia.

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Photo of Tim Cook (left) and Steve Jobs by Flicker user thetaxhaven, used under Creative Commons license


  1. From the beyond, Steve Job’s might have said:

    Dear Apple Devotees:

    Apple’s Maps suck. Don’t use it. I fired the idiots that let that slip out the door. I then re-hired them 5 minutes later to fix it. It will be awesome soon, and you know that’s true. Ignore what’s going on at FoxCon, I’m sure it has no relevance to our lives.

    Be well,