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DS2DIO 'steps up' slate of dance lifestyle programming


DS2DIO, the YouTube dance lifestyle channel co-founded by Jon M. Chu and his producing partner Hieu Ho, today debuted The Arena, the first of five new programs set to launch in the next several months.

Chu is known for being the director of GI Joe: Retaliation; Justin Bieber: Never Say Never; Step Up 3D; and the web series The LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, which Ho co-produced and Shum performed in.

The Arena (pictured) documents a judged competition among eight B-boys – masters of the dance style known as breaking – as they demonstrate their skills and creativity. Timed rounds and online audience participation add to the excitement and tension. The show is executive produced by Chu, Ho, Christina Ferguson and Ryan Landels. (Scroll down to watch the teaser video.)

Upcoming shows include Fight!, an anthology drama series about choreography in action movies, and Dance Fantasy, in which well-known personalities get to bring their dreams to life and set to music. Details of these and the rest of the slate are below.

These new programs are in addition to the channel’s three core shows, Remixed (which was created by Harry Shum Jr., Mike Chang on Glee), S2DIO City and Masterclass.

“There is no better time for dance than now,” Chu said. “With DS2DIO and our new program lineup, we’re using the best storytelling and technology to create a one-of-a-kind place where people from all around the world can experience and be a part of the dance lifestyle.”

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From DS2DIO:

The Arena (Premiering Oct. 1st, new episodes every Monday)

The world’s best B-boys battle each other in a groundbreaking competition series. The Arena highlights the culture, artistry, and athleticism of breaking. The series follows eight of the world’s best B-boys as they square off against each other, proving their mastery of breaking fundamentals along with their creative style in front of judges considered to be the legends of this dance. With a unique competition format, the show features never before seen challenges, timed rounds, and online audience participation that create an incredibly exciting and intense viewer experience.

Executive Producers: Jon M. Chu, Hieu Ho, Christina Ferguson, Ryan Landels
Directed by: Todd Grossman
Hosted by: Angela Sun & Ivan “Flipz” Velez
Judges: Richard “Crazy Legs” Colon, Richard “Abstrak” Soto, Nancy “Asia One” Yu
Featuring: Philip “Spee-D” Albuquerque, Victor “Kid Glyde” Alicea, Jose “Keebz” Chapa, Alexander “El Nino” Diaz, Morris Edward Isby III, Joshua “Floor Phantom” Lozada, Miguel “Gravity” Rosario, David “Kid David” Shreibman

FIGHT! (Coming Fall 2012)
Dance is not the only language of movement.
Movement and storytelling are taken to the next level as the world of action choreography come to life in this dramatic anthology series lead by Hollywood’s greatest stunt teams whose credits include Avatar, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, The Fighter, The Grey, Treme, and Olympus Has Fallen.
Executive Producers: Jon M. Chu, Hieu Ho, Christina Ferguson, Ryan Landels
Directors: Ben Bray, Lin Oeding, and Garrett Warren

Dance Fantasy (Coming Fall 2012)
Have you ever wanted to wake up and have your life become a musical?
From turning their life into a musical to joining a dance crew, celebrities are granted their dance fantasies in this fun and irreverent series on wish fulfillment.

Invisible Children Dance Project (Coming Spring 2013)
Can dance change the world?
With this docu-series, DS2DIO and Invisible Children (KONY 2012) set off around the globe to answer this question and explore the universal language of dance and how it can be a unifying force.

The Floor (Coming Spring 2013)
Chase the dream.
Gossip Girl meets Step Up. The Floor is a scripted drama revolving around the lives and aspirations of young students at a famed LA dance studio as they pursue their dreams in the industry.

Previously announced programs making a comeback with a second season include: DS2DIO 360 (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, 10AM PST) a dance lifestyle guide featuring Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Cameron Goodman, S2DIO City (Wednesdays, 10AM PST) a mesmerizing dance series, The LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (Thursdays at 6PM PST) and Masterclass (Fridays, 10AM PST) to complete the slate.