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Research: Half of top brands use Instagram


Just over half of the world’s top brands, as designated by Interbrand 100 inclusion, are now using Instagram as part of their social media mix. That 54 percent lags behind these companies’ nearly total adoption of Facebook, but it does imply the photo service is not just a fad.

Simply Measured, the social media analytics firm that reported this milestone, said Instagram has grown 35 percent in the most recent quarter, even though it is a primarily mobile service. The chart below gives an overview of this growth curve.

The report noted that Nike has grown its number of followers to reach fourth place, an achievement Simply Measured attributes to the brand encouraging cross-posting on Facebook.

Only eight of these Instagram-using companies have more than 100,000 followers, but Simply Measured notes they have seen followers increase an average of 48 percent quarter-over-quarter and forecasts at least one will have surpassed a million when it issues its next quarterly Instagram report.

Among the Interbrand 100 to join Instagram recently include Volkswagen, MasterCard, Philips and Samsung.

“Seeing this level of activity, it’s more clear than ever that Instagram has graduated from a ‘fun new social network’ to an integral component of a brand’s social strategy,” said Adam Schoenfeld, CEO at Simply Measured. “While early adopters are seeing a majority of the engagement, there’s still time for newer brands to jump in and leverage the visual nature of the platform to engage and grow their audiences.”

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