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Five questions with: Wiredset and Trendrr CEO Mark Ghuneim


Mark Ghuneim has spent 30 years innovating for some of the world’s best-known media brands. He is CEO and founder of Wiredset and concurrently CEO and founder of Trendrr, but somehow Ghuneim found a few minutes to answer Five Questions.

1. How do you define “television” in this multiplatform non-linear world?

TV isn’t a box, it’s an experience. Right now technology and social media are facilitating the creation of more robust experiences – we call it Social TV

2. What changes (if any) would you like to see in the ratings system?

There are several advantages to social ratings. Traditional TV ratings only measure the viewing habits of roughly .02% of the US population. Not only do social ratings offer a quantitative measurement of 1 to 1 social TV engagement, there is also a unique layer of qualitative data – in the conversations happening around programs. Furthermore, social data is well positioned because it is still measurable as audiences fragment online and across devices.

There is a unique currency to social data and an incremental (not supplemental) optic to the already established marketplace ratings.

 3. What online-only programs do you watch, and on what screen?

Personally, none.

4. Which of these trends will be the most important, and what are you doing about it: second-screen experiences, dedicated program apps or over-the-top services?

The second-screen market is booming (see Social TV Exploding Chart). Consolidation is inevitable, but at this stage we’re still seeing a lot of new players experimenting in the space. Trendrr is incorporating the most promising platforms into its service as additional data sources to help our clients understand the value in social TV.

5. Which of your projects or initiatives do you want everyone at Future of Television East to be aware of?

Trendrr is preparing to release even deeper level of insights and metrics to provide a clear way of valuing shows and networks in a way that is already familiar to TV industry standards. Making existing data even more actionable. We are calling this G.E.P.- Gross Engagement Point.


Mark Ghuneim, CEO of Wiredset, will be moderating a Future of Television East panel on November 16 discussing the topic, “Is Being Discovered the Biggest Challenge in the New Television Ecosystem?”

Mark Ghuneim, who has spent 30 years innovating for some of the world’s best-known media brands, is often cited as a new media visionary because of his expertise in technology, social engagement and behavioral trending.

Mark is the CEO and founder of Wiredset, a real-time marketing agency for Fortune 500 companies, television networks, movie companies, publishers and emerging brands. He is also the CEO and founder of Trendrr, a platform for measuring business intelligence. After nearly 20 years at Sony Music Entertainment, Mark left his position as Senior Vice President of Online Services to launch Wiredset. Recognizing clients’ need for real-time actionable data, he oversaw the development of Trendrr, a proprietary online service for tracking market intelligence and swarm behavior in categories such as social networks, search engines and video sites.