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Pew: voters share the election via social media


A fifth of all U.S. registered voters used social media to tell others which presidential candidate they prefer, according to a new report from Pew Internet conducted before election day. That rises from 22 percent across all ages to 29 percent of those under age 50, with 17 percent of those 50 and older who revealed their vote using social media.

As shown in the chart below, the 22 percent who did share were slightly more inclined to choose Barack Obama (25 percent) than Mitt Romney (20 percent), a difference Pew Internet said was “not statistically significant.”

A lot of messaging was encouragement to vote in general, rather than supporting one particular candidate, with 30 percent of registered voters having seen such a message and 20 percent of registered voters having posted such a message. Nudges to go vote were also sent via email (12 percent) and text (10 percent).

As with most other social media usage patterns, the demographics of politically related social communicators show they’re likely to be younger (18-29) and female.

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