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Five questions with: Ooyala's Jonathan Wilner


Jonathan Wilner leads Ooyala’s Product Strategy and Product Marketing efforts, a forward-looking holistic role that requires his expertise in online video, interactive television and advertising in equal measure. He is also an avid sports fan, but Wilner  stepped away during halftime to answer Five Questions.




1. How do you define “television” in this multiplatform non-linear world?

Every form of video is television. It doesn’t matter whether viewers are watching live or on-demand, long form or short clips, played via a set-top box from a cable provider, on a free-to-air broadcast with an antenna or streamed via the Internet to a tablet. The goals remain the same for both viewers and programmers, the only changes are ever increasing distribution, choice and access.

2. What changes (if any) would you like to see in the ratings system?

I’m looking for any changes that make it easier for advertisers to reach audiences that are increasingly watching television online. I’m excited about everything from Nielsen C3 and online GRPs to real time audience measurement that lets buyers and sellers make the most out of every video view.

3. What online-only programs do you watch, and on what screen?

I watch lots of sports, so I frequently watch games that aren’t available on my main TV but are either part of my Pay TV subscription or an additional online-only package. This includes lots of soccer on Foxsoccer.tv, everything I can get from the NFL, especially the new Coaches Film All-22 footage and naturally, every PAC12 game I can’t get on my two channels from Time Warner Cable.

4. Which of these trends will be the most important, and what are you doing about it: second-screen experiences, dedicated program apps or over-the-top services?

I believe these are all important and interconnected trends. Second-screen experiences happen via dedicated program apps and over the top services happen on your second screen. I’m excited about the fact that all devices are increasingly the first screen, depending on the content, the context and the viewer’s mood or interest.

5. Which of your projects or initiatives do you want everyone at Future of Television East to be aware of?

One of the most important things happening in TV today is better discovery – technology that helps people find the content that best suits them amidst a sea of options. Ooyala Discovery is one of our latest innovations that taps into our global big data footprint and expertise in real-time analytics to present viewers – either through end-screen recommendations or personalized electronic programming guides – content that is most personally, locally and socially relevant. The end result is a more engaging and satisfying experience that is beneficial for both the viewer and the content or service provider.


Jonathan Wilner, Senior Director, Business Product Management, Ooyala, will be at the Future of Television East on November 16 discussing the topic, “Reinventing Ratings in a Multi-Screen World: What are the Video Metrics of the Future?”

Jonathan leads Ooyala’s Product Strategy and Product Marketing efforts. Jonathan has 15 years of product and technology leadership experience, focusing on online video, interactive television and advertising.

Prior to joining Ooyala, Jonathan founded Unlimited Football, a broadband Pay TV platform built to deliver the best European soccer to global emerging markets. Jonathan was also GM, FAN TV for Fox Audience Network, VP, Technology, Foxsports.com & founded Network 17, a television advertising trading platform acquired by Spot Runner.

Jonathan studied Geography and Government at The University of Texas, Austin.