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Five questions with: Boxee VP Andrew Kippen


Andrew Kippen, Vice President Marketing for Boxee, is driving the company’s vision for households to have one single box through which they can enjoy broadcast TV channels, Internet video from services like Netflix, YouTube and Vudu, and music from Pandora and Spotify. Boxee also offers a cloud-based DVR for an unlimited number of broadcast programs. Kippen tore himself away from his multitude of Boxee-compatible screens to answer Five Questions.




1. How do you define “television” in this multiplatform non-linear world?

The word TV has become completely contextual. People pay for TV so they can watch TV, albeit not always on their TVs. The lines are blurring, but I suppose the best definition might be “it’s what people watch.”

2. What changes (if any) would you like to see in the ratings system?

We don’t deal much in this arena, but I think overall we’d like to see a more web-like paradigm brought to the TV industry where targeting, tracking and reporting allow advertisers to get the most bang for their buck, and for content creators to get paid fairly for their shows – whether it’s watched as it airs or months later.

3. What online-only programs do you watch, and on what screen?

I watch a lot of TED, usually on my iPad. Otherwise I actually end up watching a lot of YouTube for music and sketch comedy. If I’m looking for good online only premium stuff my first stops are Rev3, MyDamnChannel and FunnyOrDie.

4. Which of these trends will be the most important, and what are you doing about it: second-screen experiences, dedicated program apps or over-the-top services?

The second screen is HUGE for discovery and remote control functionality. While social and bonus content are usually the first things people jump to, we really feel like phones and tablets will become the next uber-remote controls – they help you find what to watch and where to watch it, and then they control your living room. That discovery layer represents an enormous market opportunity because it’s personalized to the user, and it’s a vehicle for content owners to market themselves to users.

5. Which of your projects or initiatives do you want everyone at Future of Television East to be aware of?

No Limits DVR – we just launched a new device that’s a combination of Internet apps and broadcast TV channels like ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, but the killer feature is the world’s first cloud DVR. There are no limits to how much a person can record and no limits to which screens they can watch on. It’s bringing a Netflix-like anywhere, anytime, on any device paradigm to TV and DVR.


Andrew Kippen, Boxee’s vice president of marketing, will be participating in a Future of Television East panel on November 16 discussing the topic, “The State of the Television Industry.”


Andrew Kippen, Vice President Marketing for Boxee, was previously a marketing strategist at Stage Two Consulting where he crafted go-to market strategies for consumer tech startups and taught larger companies how to approach online influencers and social media.

Prior to that Kippen worked in the Economic Office of the French Embassy, helping French companies understand and approach the US technology marketplace with innovative messaging and positioning strategies. He also organized and emceed Tech Connection, a networking event for the tech community.

After obtaining his degree he quickly launched into Public Relations with Spaeth Communications, where he specialized in coaching largecorporate and clients like FedEx and the US Department of Education in media relations.

Andrew was born in Dallas, Texas, raised by Scottish parents, and educated by Hungarian clergy. He holds a degree in International Communications from Franklin College in Switzerland.