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Google TV adds voice controls and improved search


Google TV is rolling out simplifications and improvements that include voice search and an update to its TV & Movies guide app, which is now called PrimeTime.

Enabled LG devices will be the first to get this latest upgrade, starting this week. Google promises other devices will receive it in the future.

Google already has expertise with voice commands, as users of Android devices know, but applied to TV means that changing channels can be done just by speaking the name, like “Nickelodeon” or “AMC.”

Using it to search for a program or information is more impressive, and reminiscent of what Xbox Live subscribers with Kinect can do. Saying a program title returns a visually enriched selection of available options for how to watch it live or streamed. Asking a question, even if it’s not TV or movie-related, returns choices for relevant YouTube videos or web search results, which it does using the same Knowledge Graph that Google’s normal search engine does.

Verbal controls are clearly shaping up to be an important feature of connected TVs, and they will only continue to get better and smarter as they evolve.

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