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Five questions with: Mobovivo CEO and founder Trevor Doerksen


Mobovivo’s CEO and founder Trevor Doerksen merged his experiences as a producer and a media entrepreneur into Mobovivo, which powers synced second-screen experiences, apps that deliver value throughout content’s life cycle, and other tools for keeping audiences so engaged that their attention won’t drift to things like email and social networks. Doerksen managed to shift his attention away just long enough to answer Five Questions.



1. How do you define “television” in this multiplatform non-linear world?

Watching TV is no longer an experience dependent upon a single screen in the living room. Apps on smart phones and tablets – companion apps in particular – are transforming the way audiences engage with TV programming. Of course many people are doing catch-up TV and watching previous seasons of shows OTT, on computers and mobile devices – but what’s more significant is that so many people now routinely interact with content and socially on their mobile device in real time while watching shows on their TVs.

2. What changes (if any) would you like to see in the ratings system?

No recommendations here. Will leave that up to others.

3. What online-only programs do you watch, and on what screen?

Whatever neat figure skating move my daughter finds on YouTube, viewed on one of three iPads in the house.

4. Which of these trends will be the most important, and what are you doing about it: second-screen experiences, dedicated program apps or over-the-top services?

Audiences will continue to be entertained by TV and movies. This trend is most important. The stories told on TV will continue to demand viewers’ and advertisers’ attention. As these stories expand to second screens, smartphones and tablets, they will most likely told by the same people that entertain us on the TV screen.

We are helping our customers, including top tier TV networks and producers, reach and stay tuned to audiences on second screens. Customers such as Sony, Globo TV, Alliance Films, Epitome Pictures and Entertainment One are using our services to connect with viewers while they are watching our customers’ TV shows. And if they are not watching one of our customer’s TV shows, our technology provides some sophisticated reminders and reasons to tune in.

5. Which of your projects or initiatives do you want everyone at Future of Television East to be aware of?

Mobovivo’s second screen platform is being deployed in four countries with amazing results for ads, sports, drama and comedy. Our customers’ strategic partners, such as Civolution, Dome Productions and 1K Studios, leverage Mobovivo technology to deliver the very best TV show companion apps in the market.

Recently, a marketing campaign integrated with national TV and newspaper advertising, using augmented reality technology for a new primetime show just launched by Globo TV, the second-largest TV network in the world, based in Brazil.

As well, we are currently building a dedicated second screen app for a new Sony-backed TV show. The app, based on the same technology that delivered Mark Cuban’s AXS TV second-screen experience, will be perfectly synced to the show when it launches in February. This second-screen experience will come with some very special surprises and will be truly industry-leading in terms of our approach to syncing, the end user experience, and the relationship between the first and second screens.


Trevor Doerksen, CEO and founder, Mobovivo, will be speaking as part of a Future of Television East panel on November 16 discussing the topic, “Predictions and Provocations on how to build new sustainable TV business models.”

Trevor Doerksen, Mobovivo CEO and founder, has been at the intersection of media and technology his entire career. As a film and TV producer he believes that there are better ways to market and distribute film and TV.Trevor produced snowboarding films while a teenager and was the executive producer of a national science television series.

A serial entrepreneur, Trevor has been awarded entrepreneur of the year, named one of 50 Most Influential People and has been featured in New York Times.

Mobovivo solutions enable broadcasters and producers to market and distribute TV and Films. The company’s software platform helps producers stay tuned to audiences to ensure they don’t lose their audiences to email, Facebook and games. The award-winning, white-label solution ‘gamifies’ viewing and connects deeply to the cast, characters and story.

In 2011, Deloitte and TechRev selected Mobovivo as one of Top 10 Technology companies to watch. In 2012, MIPTV named Mobovivo to its Top 10 TV Disrupters list.