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Google opens 'Ingress' to augmented reality mobile gamers


Niantic Labs, Google’s in-house mobile development studio, has released Ingress, a new augmented reality strategy game that has already stirred up buzz thanks to a stealth teaser campaign.

Ingress is available in beta via invitation, which can be requested, and is for Android smartphones with Apple’s iOS version coming in the future.

The game will continuously change and grow over time. Ingress is ad-supported and free, with no suggestion (yet) that premium features will be offered.

Players are challenged to save the world from a mysterious energy. To do this they identify and physically go to interesting places in the real world, discover secrets about the threat facing humanity, and claim goals and territories for their team. Ingress includes tools to communicate with other players, track progress and make plans. The trailer below gives an idea what gameplay is like.

Collaboration is necessary for success, like it is in other MMOs. Players have already started a wiki to share ideas and information.

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