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Tapjoy and Kontagent partner on app data analytics


Mobile advertising and publishing platform Tapjoy today went live with Kontagent Partner Edition, an app data analytics solution created as a joint venture with mobile customer intelligence firm Kontagent.

Kontagent’s existing subscribers will continue to have access to Kontagent kSuite Enterprise, while advertisers and developers on the Tapjoy network will have the option of upgrading to Kontagent kSuite Enterprise for additional features like on-call data specialists, CSM/support-assisted onboarding, and customizable dashboards.

“For developers and advertisers, we now offer a single source for a best-in-class advertising platform from Tapjoy and best-in-class analytics from Kontagent,” said Mihir Shah, Tapjoy CEO. “For developers and advertisers looking to integrate an advertising platform and analytics into their mobile apps, there’s no better option in the industry.”

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