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Warner Bros. app delivers TV shows 24 hrs. after broadcast


Warner Bros. is going directly to viewers with its new iOS app, which lets anyone with an iPhone or iPad watch the latest episode of popular TV series the day after broadcast.

The free app, called “Day After US,” makes the first episode of each series is available for free. After that users can unlock additional content either per episode or as a series. Shows can be downloaded for streamed over Wi-Fi, and are available in multiple languages.

At launch the app highlights Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory and The Vampire Diaries as among the available series. It’s unlikely to be coincidental that those programs’ demographics echo those of the demographics most likely to pay to watch Internet-delivered video.

Consumers don’t need to have a cable or satellite subscription to use the app. That makes sense, since these programs are freely available over the air, but its worth mentioning since entertainment company digital offerings don’t always make sense.

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