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Guest blog: measuring today's audiences is complicated, but tools are getting better


Integrated marketing strategist Alexandra Kaam guest-blogged the Future of Television Summit hosted in New York by Digital Media Wire. Here’s her take on the Nov. 15 panel discussion, “Re-inventing Ratings in a Multi-Screen World: What are the Video Metrics of the Future?”



Deborah Yao, senior reporter Media and Communications for SNL Kagan, hosted a lively discussion with experts in the media and entertainment industry. Online video ad views have hit 9.4 billion – and now that marketers can reach consumers “anytime, anywhere,” corporate budgets are increasingly moving towards digital to make ads and videos more targeted.

We are seeing a fundamental shift in how people are ingesting content. Consumers have become “digital omnivores,” said Mark Donovan, senior vice president of Mobile at comScore: they are moving through the day from screen to screen. He explained that meant we need to know what people are watching AND what platform they’re watching it on AND when. There has been a surge in tablet-adoption, and digital traffic has veered away from the PC. Most (70 percent) of tablet-viewing averages more than 10 minutes, which indicates consumers are engaging with the content in a significant way.

More content is streaming today than ever before, the panelists observed, and the challenge advertisers and publishers face is how to monetize it. Today, the industry and its partners are looking to extend the data. This means that measurement (ratings and analytics) must take multiple platforms into account – laptops, mobile, tablet, etc., as well as time-shifting. This is slowly taking shape, and there’s hope that cross-platform measures for digital ad campaigns will really take flight soon.

Other participants in the discussion were: Elizabeth Ellers, executive vice president, Corporate Research, Univision Communications; .Daniel Webster, practice lead, Digital Presence, Limelight Networks; Eric Solomon, senior vice president, Digital Audience Measurement, Nielsen; Art Zeidman, U.S. president and chief North American evangelist, Unruly Media; and Jonathan Wilner, senior director, Business Product Management, Ooyala.

The panelists reached a consensus regarding the need for industry-wide standards. If the industry can agree on a standard (perhaps a unified GRP), it will help advertisers and publishers measure the success of campaigns. Even with the hope of an industry “standard” in the not-so-near future, industry leaders are in an experimentation phase of creating a version of a UPC (universal product code) for content. Just as it changed the game for retail, it will surely revolutionize the data assessed and therefore create a more poignant connection with the consumer.