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Research: incentivized ads outperform pre-roll


Opt-in video ad platform Jun Group has shared a study that compared pre-roll and incentivized video ads across a variety of categories, including completion rate, user engagement, brand favorability and purchase intent. It found incentivized ads substantially outperformed pre-roll, which is unsurprising since otherwise Jun Group would have kept the study results private. But it’s still interesting data.

The theory behind incentivized ads is that people are offered a reward for watching an ad, restoring control over their video experience and improving the likelihood that they’re interested in what’s being advertised. Rewards can be things like in-game items, exclusive customization, and discounts on click-through purchases.

The study found viewers are twice as likely to interact with a brand after watching an incentivized video ad than they are with a pre-roll ad. Similarly, viewers watched an incentivized video ad through to the end 98 percent of the time, compared to 67 percent for pre-roll.

Overall, however, the data disclosed that incentivized videos are better at driving brand favorability and purchase intent, while pre-roll video ads are more effective at driving brand awareness.

Mitchell Reichgut, Jun Group CEO, said enabling viewers to opt into watching ads is “a better, more respectful way to reach consumers, and now the data speaks for itself.”

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Photo by Flickr user JD Hancock, used under Creative Commons license