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Pew: 82% of U.S. owners use mobile for more than talk


A clear majority of American adults – 85 percent – now own a mobile phone, and a new report from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project takes a look at what they’re doing with those devices besides making calls.

Most users take photos (82 percent) and text (80 percent), while exactly half have sent or received email on their handset.

More than half (56 percent), however, use their cell phone to access the Internet. And a lot of those browsers (31 percent) have done so to look for heath or medical information.

Other popular activities, as shown on the chart below, include downloading apps and online banking tasks. It’s worth noticing that 29 percent of users have engaged in some form of online banking, a market size that could bode well for the increasingly competitive field of virtual wallets and mobile payments.

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Photo by Flickr user Phil Campbell, used under Creative Commons license