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Stardoll struts its stuff into mobile games


Stardoll AB, which is best known for the hugely popular Stardoll.com, today announced a major commitment to mobile designed to expand the company beyond the flagship social game.

The first game from this initiative is set for release before the end of 2012: Fashion Inc., a Stardoll-developed iOS that involves managing a fashion house from design to point of sale. The company also is working with other developers.

All titles will connect with a player’s Stardoll account, so their network of friends will be available in every game. Stardoll said multi-game players also will have access to unspecified “unique items and benefits.”

The free-to-play Stardoll.com is available in 31 languages and reports having 200 million user accounts. For an indication regarding how many of those accounts are actually being used, Stardoll’s Facebook app alone has nearly 2 million monthly active users, about half of which use it at least once a week, according to AppData.

“The era of ‘pink it and shrink it’ is in the past,” said Tobias Sjogren, vice president of Mobile Games, Stardoll AB. “We respect our audience: young women deserve a wide variety of high quality games and we intend to deliver just that.”

Stardoll CEO Mattias Miksche remarked that embracing mobile was a natural expansion. “We are a user-focused company and our ambition is to adapt to the rapidly changing games’ market,” he said. “Our users spend a huge chunk of their lives on mobile and we need to entertain them where they are.”

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