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comScore looks beyond the PC with Media Metrix Multi-Platform


ComScore has unveiled Media Metrix Multi-Platform, a scoring system still in beta that incorporates computer, smartphone and tablet users into a single overview. In part, it’s a response to the increasing popularity of tablets and smartphones for accessing the Internet (see the chart below)

The company said the new score “reflects today’s multi-platform digital media environment” and promises “unduplicated accounting” of audience size and demographics, which Jeff Hackett, executive vice president of comScore, said was achieved using proprietary methods.

As should be expected, the Media Metrix Multi-Platform view shows an overall increase in audience size, and in some cases the additional viewers make a significant difference. ComScore said 28 properties reached 50 million in the multi-platform report, compared to the 19 properties that did so in the traditional Media Metrix rankings. Continuing, the multi-platform ranking had 77 properties reaching 25 million, compared to 51 in the traditional ranking, 223 reaching 10 million vs. 171 traditional, and 410 reaching 5 million vs. 334 traditional.

This differential is even more dramatic for some specific properties. Pandora, for example, was 38 positions higher in the multi-platform view than the traditional one.

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Photo by Flicker user Ant McNeill, used under Creative Commons license