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Verisign renews with NTIA, but without its price increase


Washington, DC – The federal government has approved a deal to let Verisign continue managing the registry of .com domain names for six more years, though the company – which has West Coast offices in San Francisco – won’t be able to raise prices at it had sought.

The previous six-year deal, which expired on Friday, allowed VeriSign to automatically raise prices up to 7 percent on four separate occasions. Under the new contract, prices will be frozen at $7.85, barring special circumstances.

“Consumers will benefit from Verisign’s removal of the automatic price increases,” said Lawrence Strickling, the assistant secretary of commerce for communications and information and NTIA administrator. “At the same time, the agreement protects the security and stability of the Internet by allowing Verisign to take cost-based price increases where justified.”

This article was also published in Bay Area Tech Wire.

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