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Amazon unveils kid-centric Kindle subscription service


In a move designed to differentiate Kindle from its competitors, Amazon today unveiled Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, a subscription service that gives kids as many age appropriate books, games, apps, movies and TV shows as they want for fee that starts at $3 a month.

The service is exclusive to Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets. Device owners will be offered a one-month free trial after the free over-the-air software update being sent out in the next several weeks.

All of the FreeTime content is selected specifically for ages 3-8 and is devoid of advertising, purchasing opportunities and social media. Parents can add items from their own collection, and kids can explore by character, topic, and other criteria. There also are kid-centric features that are free on the Kindle Fire, like parent-designated time limits.

Family members who share a device can each have an individual profile and collection, and everyone can have his or her own bookmarks and placemarks.

Amazon did not quantify the amount of content available on Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, but did say it comes from Andrews McMeel Publishing, Chronicle Books, DC Comics, Disney, HIT Entertainment, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Marvel, Nickelodeon, PBS, Reading Rainbow, Sesame Workshop and others.

Amazon Prime subscribers pay lower fees for Kindle FreeTime Unlimited than non-subscribers. Prime members pay $3 per child or $7 for an entire family, while others pay $5 per child or $10 for a family.

“As a parent it’s hard to predict what my daughter is going to enjoy, or which movie she’s going to watch 50 times in a row,” said Peter Larsen, vice president, Amazon Kindle. “FreeTime Unlimited gives kids the freedom to explore age-appropriate content on their own and pick for themselves what they want to watch, play or read next.”

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