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Tim Cook: Apple bringing some manufacturing back to U.S.A.


Apple CEO Tim Cook made news today by confirming that the company will begin manufacturing one line of its existing Macs in the United States, following speculation fuelled by “Assembled in the USA” labels noticed on some of the new 21-inch iMacs.

Cook had spearheaded Apple’s decision to move its manufacturing to China when he joined the company in 1998 as senior vice president for Worldwide Operations. Recently, Apple has been criticized for partnering with the Chinese company Foxcomm and therefore tacitly accepting poor working conditions.

Speaking exclusively with Business Week magazine and on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams (see video, below), Cook also said Apple intends to spend more than $100 million in 2013 on the initiative. Since Apple has over $100 billion in cash, the decision is unlikely to concern the company’s financial outlook.

Cook also made a point of saying that Apple is building a new headquarters in Cupertino, California, and a new campus in Austin, Texas, and that it is building new data centers in Nevada and Oregon while enlarging its North Carolina facility.

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