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Pocket Gems expands into third-party mobile publishing


Mobile game developer Pocket Gems today revealed it has expanded into mobile publishing for third-party developers, and that its first partners include dreamfab, Twyngo and WeRPlay.

The first title from this new operation is dreamfab’s Chasing Yello, which is set to become available worldwide next week on Google Play and soon via Amazon Appstore. It launched on Apple’s App Store earlier this year and has been installed more than 4.5 million times. Christian Dickert, dreamfab’s creative director, said, ”Pocket Gems has helped us optimize for monetization and QA on Android, which we could never have done on our own.”

Future titles include Twyngo’s first title, Amazing Ants, coming to iOS later this month and WeRPlay’s upcoming Robo Quest (working title).

Pocket Gems Publishing said it handles launch marketing, customer acquisition and retention promotions, game design and product advice, and quality assurance support.

“We’ve built out playbooks, processes, and technology to help our own games find and delight users while staying in the top grossing charts,” said Ben Liu, CEO of Pocket Gems. “We want to share our expertise with the most talented developers so that they can focus on what they love most – making great games.”

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