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Sony's Movie Touch adds interactivity to feature films


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has gone live with Movie Touch, a new viewing experience designed to address two trends: people increasingly are using tablets as their entertainment screen; and the major studios would prefer people buy movies rather than rent or pirate them.

Men in Black 3: Movie Touch is the first release with the additional capabilities, courtesy of the free app, and it demonstrates that this is intended to be an enhanced primary screen – not a second screen – experience. It’s similar to a DVD with lots of extras, only with most of the extras are interactive and integrated throughout the movie instead of existing as a separate mini-feature.

The video below gives a sense of what Men in Black 3: Movie Touch is like in action.

Movie Touch provides an interactive timeline of the Men in Black universe and a search function, as well as the ability to edit clips from the movie and share them on Facebook and Twitter. Among the interactive extras are: tap on an actor’s face to see biographical information about the star and the character he or she plays; swipe to review the layers of green screen and digital effects that go into creating a scene; tap on images to see concept art and set photography; touch to access props, gadgets and vehicles that can be examined as a 360-degree turnaround; an interactive map that provides more information about both real and fictional locations in the franchise; interviews with people who made the movie; and more stuff that will engage fans for ages.

The app is free and includes a 10-minute preview of the movie and the features. Consumers can purchase the entire movie from within the app, or they can add the movie if they already own a digital version. Those who purchase the physical Men in Black 3 Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD with UltraViolet can use the included UltraViolet verification to add the movie to the app at no additional charge. If Movie Touch proves popular, it might even boost the flagging popularity of the UltraViolet cloud locker initiative.

Total Recall will be the next movie to be released with a Movie Touch option. The Movie Touch app experience requires an Apple iPad 2 or newer, ruling out those whose iPad is as ancient as 18 months old and – for the time being, at least – Android users.

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  1. Sony is on the right track. The number of people owning tablets are on the rise and yes most of them watch movies on it. A great marketing move by Sony indeed.

  2. This is a lame App. Purchased the 3D Blu Ray and downloaded the Ultra Violet to the App (the only way to get it onto the IPad legally) and it doesn’t play unless you’re connected to a network??? What’s the point of downloading it if you can’t watch it on a plane or when you don’t have a network connection?! I give the App a D- bordering on an F.