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Kaleidescape and Warner Bros. sign deal for providing digital movies to well-heeled fans


Kaleidescape, purveyor of luxury-level home entertainment systems, today announced a deal with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution that enables its customers to buy, store and watch digital movies through their Kaleidescape setup. According to the companies involved, this is the first agreement that enables the electronic delivery of digital movies in Blu-ray quality and containing all of the extra content found on physical disc versions.

The agreement also shows a way forward for Kaleidescape, which for years has been arguing the legality of its entertainment servers because they enable consumers to digitize movies and television they had previously purchased on physical discs. The DVD Copy Control Association, the consortium of studios and consumer electronics companies that manage digital rights technology as used on physical discs, sued in 2004 and appeals are still pending.

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution will be offering nearly 3,000 premium films and over 8,000 television episodes through the Kaleidescape Store. All titles are better quality than is available on the iTunes Store and most include UltraViolet capabilities, so that the movies can be viewed on mobile devices and via Flixster as well as on their Kaleidescape home theater setup. Additionally, Kaleidescape owners who previously imported Warner Bros. titles to their system can pay a fee to add UltraViolet or to upgrade from standard to high definition.

Kaleidescape’s home entertainment server keeps a customer’s collection all in one organized place and automatically cataloged, with an easy-to-use interface that includes search and bookmarking. With prices starting at between $12,500 and $15,000, not including the cost of installation, its customers tend to be avid movie fans with a considerable amount of money to spend on their entertainment.

Kaleidescape is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with research and development by Kaleidescape Canada, Inc. in Waterloo, Ontario.

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