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Plizy raises $4m to aggregate and recommend online video


San Francisco – Plizy, the developer of a cloud-based tool designed to let users discover, search, watch and share any content available online, said on Wednesday it has raised $4 million in its first round of funding from Atlas Venture.

The company will use the proceeds to work on expanding its audience, aggregating more content from providers such as Cinemax, Snagfilm and Starz, and building out its offerings across multiple platforms, specifically on Android and iOS.

It previously raised $1.2 million in angel funding. Plizy first launched its iPad app in May 2011 to allow users to find relevant online videos based on their individual interest graph. Last month, the company built on that by releasing an updated version, including a new website and iPad app.

Plizy currently aggregates more than 550,000 movies, 200,000 shows and 100 million videos from the major video services: free services YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion; and paid services Crackle, Amazon Prime, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu, Hulu+, Vudu and iTunes. Registered users indicate which premium services they subscribe to, after which they can access that content through Plizy with one click.

Users are encouraged to rate the suggestions in order to improve Plizy’s recommendations. Users also can connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts to enable Plizy to factor in their social media activity.

Plizy is headquartered in San Francisco and was founded by Jonathan Benassaya, who previously co-founded music streaming service Deezer.

This article was also published in Bay Area Tech Wire. Chris Marlowe contributed to this version.

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