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Apple users targeted by Mac-specific malware


Apple has achieved the dubious distinction of being targeted by a widespread malware exploit, in what experts believe is the first attack of its kind designed specifically for Macs.

The threat was first reported by security firm Dr. Web earlier this week. According to MacRumors, the blacklist used by all Macs since OS X Snow Leopard has already been automatically updated to thwart the danger.

Computers get infected when their users click to accept software that appears to be a legitimate update or other useful brand-name product. Almost all Windows and some Android users have already encountered this sort of thing, but this trojan is “yet another blow to the tenuous false sense of security among Apple users,” according to Kaspersky’s Threatpost.

Criminals profit from such malware when it demands the user’s mobile number or credit card number, often either to proceed with the installation or to remove a virus it “discovered,” leading them to be known as extortion trojans. In this case, users are asked to send an SMS message to “activate” the software they mistakenly believe they have downloaded.

Dr. Web said the Trojan.SMSSend.3666 malware was distributed by affiliate program company ZipMonster.

Hat-tip to The Next Web.

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