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Dropbox acquires music platform Audiogalaxy, fueling speculation


Cloud locker service Dropbox has acquired Audiogalaxy, a streaming music service that grew from the decade-old ashes of an FTP and peer-to-peer file sharing platform. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

In its popular current (and completely legal) model, Audiogalaxy streams music from a user’s own computer to his or her smartphone, using an app at both ends of that connection. The personal stream includes album art and syncs playlists.

A blog post from Audiogalaxy’s co-founders Michael Merhej, Tom Kleinpeter and Viraj Mody helped fuel the inevitable speculation regarding what Dropbox will do with its purchase, and specifically whether this indicates Dropbox could be starting its own music service. “Over the last few years we’ve built a wonderful music experience on the web and mobile devices, attracting loyal users from all over the world,” it reads. “We are excited about the opportunity to join the amazing folks at Dropbox and bring great new experiences to 100M+ Dropbox users.”

Audiogalaxy has stopped accepting registrations and has alerted users to download saved mixes, playlists that blend a user’s library with other music they might enjoy discovering, by the end of the year. It has not yet set a date for closing down the streaming service.

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