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OwnZones' single-bill marketplace of online content subscriptions hits milestone


OwnZones is still in beta, but the one-stop content marketplace this week crossed a milestone of having over 25,000 selections on offer.

The company seeks to be a central hub for paid content. Unlike most aggregators, OwnZones is set up so that users receive a single bill for the various video, audio books and ebooks subscriptions they choose.

Providers control what content they want to offer and on which subscription channels, and any combination of video, audio, text and images is acceptable. Behind the scenes, video delivery is powered by Limelight Networks.

Among the content providers who have signed up with OwnZones so far are NewsLook, Innovative Language, WheelsTV, PlaySportsTV, Worthy Publishing, TenduTV, YogaSessions.TV and WorkWorld Learning. The company said it is in the process of adding TelosTV, DogTV and DeliciousTV as well.

Dan Goman, founder and CEO of the OwnZones Media Network, sent the following statement: “It’s very validating for the company and its investors to hit this milestone on target with the support of some great content partners taking the opportunity to generate revenue through the OwnZones marketplace. Still, it only scratches the surface of what we have planned for our full launch out of beta and beyond.”

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