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Hypebot: Is Warner Music About To Go On A Buying Spree?


Here’s an article from Hypebot questioning whether recent moves by Warner Music suggest that the company may be going into acquisition mode. The article points out that as a private company with a deep pocketed owner, Access Industries, and a new Chief Operating Officer, Rob Wiesenthal, the company is poised to do just that.

What will Warner buy? Hypebot suggests:  “There are still several  pieces of the old EMI up for sale, as well as a rumored major label partnership for super hot indie Glassnote Records.  Various publishing catalogs are also always being shopped, and could offer long term profits. Then there’s music tech… Avoiding a fighting over rights with other major labels rules out some possible acquisitions.  But Wiesnthal could find value in artist services tech startups like Topspin, Root Music or BandsInTown. Then there’s the hot live music sector – gig crowdfundinging, ticketing, online concerts and more – which dozens of startups are working to transform.” Read more.