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Gracenote Merges Lyrics Business into LyricFind; Larry Marcus Invests


LyricFind, a lyrics service with licenses from the four major publishers, announced today that Gracenote has merged their lyrics business into LyricFind through a post on its site:

“We’ve long admired the lyrics licensing business that Gracenote has built; their commitment to quality and copyright fits perfectly with ours, and we’re excited to bring that business under the LyricFind banner.  While we aren’t disclosing the financial terms of the deal, Gracenote will not have an ownership share or any operational interest in LyricFind. The deal includes a partnership whereby Gracenote will continue to offer a lyrics solution for its clients, which will be powered by LyricFind. Gracenote’s worldwide presence will serve as a great asset as we continue to expand globally, and we’re excited to work with them to grow our business and build our relationship. Similarly, Gracenote will now be able to offer a global lyrics solution, as well as additional features like Lyric Synchronization, our built-in Profanity Filter, Snippet APIs, and our customized lyric search technology. Gracenote clients will be transitioning over to the LyricFind service, as will a number of music publishers. As a result, both current and new clients will be able to benefit from a much larger catalog of lyrics. We’ll also have significantly more resources to put towards additional licensing, content, and services, as we continue to focus on growing both our domestic and international catalogues. Bringing the Gracenote roster within LyricFind brings a lot of great names with it – we’re excited to work with and help grow services like Pandora, MetroLyrics, DirectLyrics, Radio Disney, Wikia, and many more.”

The company also announced a small personal investment from Larry Marcus of Walden Venture Capital, who will be serving as an Advisor to the company moving forward.