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Distil.it Raises $1.8 Million in Seed Funding


Distil.it, a developer of a cloud-based service designed to protect content on websites, said it has raised $1.8 million in a round of seed funding, led by ff Venture Capital. Other investors included Correlation Ventures, Idea Fund Partners, CIT, Piedmont RIA, Cloud Power Fund and TechStars. Launched out of last year’s inaugural TechStars Cloud class, Distil.it is the creator of a service that protects website content from scraping and malicious bots by using special algorithms to make real-time decisions on the validity of each website connection. The service also is designed to improve page load times and reduce server load. “We saw a fundamental flaw in how data was shared on the internet — it was the wild west with bots harvesting and stealing anything they wanted to,” said co-founder and CEO Rami Essaid. “Our vision is to allow website owners to regain control of their data.” Read more.