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Fortune: Ashton Kutcher's MacWorld Interview about jOBS


Fortune has a play-by-play report on Aston Kutcher’s interview at MacWorld Expo today. The actor appeared with co-star Josh Gad and the two shared their experiences playing two of the technology industry’s most celebrated and influential personalities, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, in the upcoming feature film, “jOBS“.  Kutcher discussed making the film, his feelings about Steve Jobs and angel investing.

From the Fortune report:
Kutcher talks about what Steve Jobs meant to him as a person. “This iconic hero and someone I try to emulate in my work (as an angel investor).” When he read the screen play there were some things that just didn’t sit right. “I was like whoa, if this story is going to get told I want to get it told in a way that honors my hero.” Nobody knows how Lincoln walked, but everybody has a memory of Jobs. “Playing that guy was really really scary.”

The Apple Chairman and Co-Founder died in 2011 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer and had not attended MacWorld since he unveiled the MacBook Air at the show in 2008.  Read more.

Photo by Flickr user jdlasica, used under Creative Commons license.