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Reuters: Australian Court Clears Google in Landmark Adwords Case


Reuters reports that Google Inc did not engage in any misleading actions with its sponsored links and that it is not responsible for messages communicated by paid advertisers, an Australian High Court ruled. The ruling brings an end to the 6-year long legal battle between Google and Australia’s consumer watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that accused Google of participating in unreliable and deceiving conduct over paid advertisements. The Federal Court had found in 2012 that four advertisements were misleading and breached Australia’s Trade Practices Act 1974. In a unanimous finding, five High Court judges overturned the ruling of the Federal court and said that Google did not make the sponsored links and the company was not accountable for messages in the links. “Ordinary and reasonable users of the Google search engine would have understood that the representations conveyed by the sponsored links were those of the advertisers, and would not have concluded that Google adopted or endorsed the representations,” the court said.  Read more