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Think Big Analytics Raises $3 Million in Seed Funding


Think Big Analytics today announced that it has raised $3 Million in a round of seed funding led by Angel Investor Daniel Scheinman with participation from WI Harper Group. The company intends to bring together data science and data engineering for clients committed to building out infrastructures by using data to generate predictive models to make decisions.

“Data is just data unless you have the right analytics to extract the information you didn’t know you were looking for,” said Rick Farnell, Co-Founder and President of Think Big Analytics. Think Big is a new kind of service provider who focuses primarily on supporting companies that want to make the most of a new trend of software and cloud-based service that have been created with huge amount of data in mind. “To achieve this, there are very complex Big Data technologies and techniques that need to be navigated, and more coming online every day, so Think Big Analytics brings the right talent to select, plan and complete projects in weeks, not months,” added Ron Bodkin, Founder and CEO of Think Big Analytics.  Read more