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White House Announces Plans for We The People 2.0, Hackathon


The White House said it has completed Petitions 1.0, the code that runs its popular “We The People” online petitions site, and now has begun work on a second version. “In software development, when you go from one version number to another it means that something big is going on,” wrote Peter Welsh, deputy director of online platform for the Office of Digital Strategy. “We’re taking a new approach to how the application works, one that starts with the assumption that it should be as open, transparent, and flexible as possible.” The White House said that Petitions 2.0 is based on an application programming interface (API) that it plans to release to the public in the coming months. To that end, it is inviting a “small group” of developers to DC on Feb. 22 for what it is calling the White House Open Data Day Hackathon. “In the weeks before the event we’ll give participants access to We the People’s Read API methods so they can use them, ask questions, provide feedback, and build cool stuff,” wrote Welsh. Developers then will come to the White House to share their work, talk with API developers and submit examples to be included in a software development kit (SDK). Read more.

Photo by Flickr user Glyn Lowe Photoworks, used under Creative Commons license