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Dijit and Watchwith Announce Partnership for Second Screen TV


Dijit Media, the company responsible for the NextGuide Dijit Remote has teamed up with Watchwith, a content syndication company, to offer users a solution to synchronize their viewing patterns with a range of new second screen experiences. The new feature will be included in the NextGuide app, which will enable users to find information from Watchwith from a number of TV shows from FOX Broadcasting and other broadcast and cable television networks. NextGuide works with the Watchwith API to gain access to related content from a number of broadcasters, and if it locates available improvements, the NextGuide app will showcase TV shows with Sync-to-Broadcast features that can be seen in second screen while the show airs live. Zane Vella, Watchwith CEO said, “The industry is recognizing that programmers hold the keys to high-value, advertiser friendly, premium content experiences and that consumer experiences like NextGuide are important for reach and scale. Programmers deliver the content, NextGuide delivers the eyeballs.”  Read more