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Facebook to Phase Out "Sponsored Stories" Ads


Facebook.150Following complaints from privacy groups, Menlo Park-based Facebook will phase out its controversial “Sponsored Stories” ads beginning in April, the blog AllFacebook reported. The social networking giant in 2011 launched the ads, which tell users which of their “friends” have “liked” a particular company or check into a restaurant. Privacy advocates balked at the concept, filing a class-action suit that eventually led to a $20 million settlement with the company last August. “So what does this mean for people on Facebook? As before, you are in control of who sees what you post on Facebook, whether it appears in News Feed, next to ads, or elsewhere on Facebook,” the company wrote. “You can visit your Activity Log to see who can see stories about your social actions and change the audience or unlike or delete the content at any time. In addition, you can visit your Ads and Friends setting to limit when stories about your social actions are paired with ads shown to friends.” Read more

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