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Nvidia to Launch Tegra Erista Mobile Chip in 2015


nvidiaVentureBeat reports that Nvidia will launch its next-generation Tegra mobile processor, Erista, by 2015. Erista is named after a comic superhero who is the son of Wolverine in the Marvel Universe. The chip is a follow-on to the 192-core Tegra K1, and will function better than the Tegra K1. The fact that the company plans to carry the chip, highlights that it is sticking to its steady tempo of presenting new mobile processors and is starting to push the high end of computing. The chip will integrate 3D memory, or memory cells loaded in three dimensions. It will provide 2.5 times more memory capacity and a four-fold savings in energy efficiency. “Erista is going to continue a long tradition of superheroes,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, Chief Executive of Nvidia.  Read More