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China Adopts Film Law, With Mixed Implications for Hollywood

Reason for Chinese box office slump
Photo credit phegenbart under Creative Commons license.

The Hollywood Reporter reports: “China’s top legislature has passed the first law governing the country’s fast-growing film industry, the official Xinhua news agency reported late Monday. The formal approval of the legislation comes after several phases of semi-public review, and the final version appears to contain few surprises. There are provisions that will be welcomed by Hollywood — such as harsh penalties for box-office fraud and film piracy — as well as others that could be cause for concern, like a vaguely worded guideline restricting collaboration with overseas studios or individuals that are deemed to have “damaged China’s national dignity.” Many believe that ticket fraud in recent years is one of the contributing factors to the dramatic slowdown in China’s box-office growth this year. In 2015, ticket sales revenue expanded by 49 percent; but as of October, 2016 growth had narrowed to just 4.7 percent.”

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