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Digital Media Wire produces the industry’s most prestigious executive conferences and events. Participants are “industry insiders” and senior decision-makers at the leading media, entertainment and technology companies, investors, brands, advertisers, policy-makers and legal professionals. For information about event sponsorships, please click here.

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February 9-11, 2016

Digital Entertainment World
Los Angeles, CA

April 19, 2016

LA Games Conference
Los Angeles, CA

NYminibanner September 26-29, 2016

NY Media Festival
New York City, NY

September 27, 2016

DMW Music
New York City, NY

September 28, 2016

NY Games Conference
New York City, NY

September 29, 2016

DMW Video
New York City, NY

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Thank you for the opportunity- it was a very well organized event and I was glad to be a part of it.
Christine Lee
Director of Business Development, Americas, Chartboost
The DMW event last week was fantastic. A superb effort by all at DMW. A great venue as well.
Just letting you know as I can appreciate the work that goes into creating a great experience for all, it should not go unnoticed.
Greg Di Benedetto
Aficionado Media
Great conference, congrats to both of you!
Dick Wingate
DEV Advisors
The energy at the dinner and the music event was terrific!
Richard Conlon
Rights Management Holdings, LLC.
I’m really excited to see this show growing in popularity and caliber (NY Games Conference)
Joost van Dreunen
Super Data Research