Calif. –
Forty-four percent of
visitors to Google News are there simply to scan the headlines, and do not
click through to original stories on partner publishers’ websites, according to
a report from market research firm Outsell.

The firm surveyed 2,787 U.S. news
consumers, including "power news users" who consult news sources at
least twice a day.

It found that 57% of news users go to digital sources for
"news right now," up from 33% a few years ago.

They are likelier to
visit a news aggregation site (31%) than a newspaper site (8%) or other site

PaidContent notes that Outsell also asserts that publishers
should be deriving greater payments from Google (NASD:  GOOG) for use of their news reporting
on Google News.

For its part, Google maintains that Google News generates
billions of hits monthly for newspaper websites.

"We show just enough for
users to identify the stories they’re interested in — a headline, a short snippet
and a link to the publisher’s site — and we direct users to those news sites
to read the stories," a Google spokesman told PaidContent.


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  1. Lets be honest though, when is the last time you read every article in the news paper? I get the news paper at my house, I may read the headlines but I don’t read all the articles and the other 2 people here only look at it to see if they see something interesting on the cover. So 44% is actually not that bad in comparison.