New York – Facebook has ceased using Microsoft’s (NASD:  MSFT) services to
sell display advertising in some international markets, and may do the same in
the U.S., Robin Domeniconi, Microsoft’s VP of U.S. ad sales, told BusinessWeek.
"We are in discussions with them on adjusting it or changing it as we go
forward," Keith Lorizio, another Microsoft VP, said of the companies
agreement. "They have a desire to sell their own advertising."

changes were said to be restricted to display advertising, and not expected to
alter Microsoft’s deal to sell search-based ads on Facebook.

Along with its
advertising relationship, Microsoft also holds a stake in Facebook after
investing $240 million in the company several years ago.  


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  1. I tried several times log in my facebook. It dosnt work. Did not accept any of my passwords. So I want to leave facebook, it is not interesting any more for me.