– Global recorded music sales were down 10% in 2009, as the digital share of
the market grew 12% to $4.2 billion — and now accounts for 27% of the total
market — according to data from IFPI, a trade group of the major record
labels. The IFPI maintained that, despite growth of the legitimate digital
market, it believes 95% of downloads are still unauthorized, and "illegal
file-sharing and other forms of online piracy are eroding investment and sales
of local music in major markets."

The trade group specifically called out Spain, France
and Brazil
as markets that are "suffering acutely."

The IFPI did note that 400
licensed music services are now available around the world, offering 11 million

Single track downloads were up 10% in 2009, and digital album downloads
were up 20%.

"While the music industry has increased its digital revenues
by 940% since 2004, piracy has been the major factor behind the overall global
market decline of around 30% in the same period," IFPI said.


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