New York
Vevo, the music video portal joint venture between Sony (NYSE:  SNE) Music, Universal
Music and Abu Dhabi Media Company, has begun to censor the videos that appear
on its service in a bid to encourage brands that may be weary of appearing next
to objectionable content, reported.

To date, YouTube (NASD:  GOOG), which is
powering the video service and hosts a branded Vevo channel on its site, has
only censored instances of pornography or hate speech.

"Our censorship
goal for launch was to keep everything clean for broadcast, ‘the MTV
version,’" Vevo spokeswoman Jennifer Press told

There is
currently no list of "forbidden words," Press added.

Some videos on Vevo are now seeing
two versions posted, one with an "explicit" label, while other
censored videos will only appear in a "non-explicit" version.


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  1. Yeah this will only encourage me to download the video on torrents or download the mp3 illegally. Fuck vevo, if you guys want to censor stuff then you gotta understand that people will hate you and it will only encourage illegal downloads, like with me and a lot of pissed off people that I know. Youtube is to blame too, they had a normal, rational censorship of porn/hateful stuff which is ok for me, but now that they’re cutting up artists’ vision of a clip and lyrics just to attract advertisment? What the fuck is this crap? It’s supposed to be for PEOPLE and to convince them to buy the original version. Instead you got the opposite reaction. I’m now going to download several clips and maybe albums illegally, fully conscious of breaking the law, ONLY because VEVO shit censorded that very same content on youtube. Fuck vevo, I wish it to fall.